I am working in Paris as a cgi/3d artist .

I’m also a photographer and a software developer.

I started using Neural Network based Artificial Intelligence technology around 2015.

I enjoy using optical flow analysis tools to capture motion from moving footage.

I enjoy manipulating still digital images and motion sequences in a transformative/generative way.

I’m building and using my own tools using open-sourced and custom code.

i consider my work as transformative. i like to explore abstraction and baroque.inspiration comes from personal photography or friends social media . some may come from the 'internet soup' .

'Bridging the divide between art-music-technology is generative artist lulu xXX. A CGI and VFX artist working from Paris, lulu xXX creates astounding, often intimate works that weave AI and digital experimentation into thought-provoking statements on beauty and feminine iconography'. (SuperWorld)

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